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Making the Cannabis Industry SAFER for AmericaMaking the Cannabis Industry SAFER for America

By Melissa Kuipers Blake & Osiris Morel,
Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck

Although it’s unclear when the SAFER Banking Act will get time on the floor, Senate leadership is adamant about tackling it in the near future. With the bill out of committee, there are a number of reasons cannabis industry stakeholders should be excited about this development.



Eliminating Microbes & Growth in Every Stage of Cannabis GrowthEliminating Microbes & Growth in Every Stage of Cannabis Growth

Sponsored By SteraMist Disinfection & Decontamination

Aspergillus, a saprophytic fungus, poses severe health risks and significant danger to immunocompromised cannabis consumers. Read our case study to see how SteraMist ensures quality throughout the entire process!

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Dr. Ed Szczygiel, Cambium AnalyticaThe Sensory Branding Opportunity for Cannabis Products

By Dr. Ed Szczygiel, Cambium Analytica

New research suggests that cannabis products are well-situated to become luxury goods. To accomplish this, new approaches to cultivar branding are needed. Recently, a white paper applied state-of-the-art sensory science to develop a novel tool for objective characterization of aroma profiles in cannabis flower to facilitate new branding strategies.

A Research Study on the Antimicrobial Properties of CannabisA Research Study on the Antimicrobial Properties
of Cannabis

By Cindy Orser, CLIP Labs

In this comprehensive scientific study, researchers use in vitro methods to evaluate the impact of products containing CBD and CBG on the most dominant vaginal lactobacilli species, L. crispatus, associated with good health. Given the rise of intimate care products marketed with CBD and the reported antimicrobial properties of cannabis, these scientists set out to learn if products like cannabis infused lube have any effect on a vaginal microbiome.

WECO - The Future of Workforce Management - Elevated Payroll

Dawne Morris, Proteus420Retail Shrinkage and Navigating Loss Prevention
in the Cannabis Industry

By Dawne Morris, Proteus420

Retail shrinkage is an ongoing problem for dispensaries dealing with theft and inefficiency. Some top preventative measures include granulated system access, solid inventory auditing, physical security measures and more.

RollPros BlackbirdRise of the Machines:
The Case for Automation in the Cannabis Industry

By Kyle Loucks, RollPros

In a world where efficiency is king, automation provides cannabis businesses the opportunity to improve quality control, reduce costs and ensure compliance and consistency at scale. Uncover how automation is driving innovation in the cannabis industry and its potential for the future of cannabis.

The final product: live rosinAn Inside Look at the Creation and Growing Popularity
of Solventless Cannabis Products

By Tim Nolan, Copperstate Farms

The solventless products category is exploding in the cannabis market. See how they are produced and where innovation is leading to a meteoric rise in the industry.

RootWurks - How Recordkeeping Could Save Your Cannabis Company
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