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Lone Star CannabisLone Star Cannabis:
What’s Holding Texas Back?

By Rachel Wright, Abraham Finberg & Simon Menkes, AB FinWright

The state has a very conservative legislature that operates slowly, so cannabis reform is likely to take a long time. Such progress will happen in a uniquely Texan way.

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HHS Recommends DEA Reschedule Cannabis to Schedule IIIHHS Recommends Rescheduling Cannabis,
Surprising an Entire Industry

By Joshua Weiss & Osiris Morel, Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck, LLP

Amid all of the uncertainty, this piece takes a closer look at the historic announcement, analyzing what rescheduling could mean for an industry plagued by the war on drugs, conflicting laws and high taxes.

Alternatives to Bankruptcy for Cannabis Companies: Part 3Alternatives to Bankruptcy for Cannabis Companies:
Part 3

By Brent Salmons & Yuefan Wang, Husch Blackwell LLP

In this series, Husch Blackwell attorneys Wang and Salmons discuss what options are out there for cannabis companies in financial trouble. Part 3 continues the review of different state statutes and how state law receiverships vary.

European Union StatesThe CBD Regulatory Environment in Europe:
Part 4

By Shelley Stark, CBD Hub International

The European Union’s regulation of CBD is extremely complex. This series of articles illustrates the regulatory disparities found between the United States, the United Kingdom and the EU, while trying to make sense of it all.

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David Vaillencourt, The GMP CollectiveCongress Wants YOU To Make Safe Products

By David Vaillencourt, The GMP Collective

The path to safe cannabis products is clear and the tools are available. It’s time that we learn from the past, apply the standards of the present and mitigate the risks of the future.

HHS Recommends DEA Reschedule Cannabis to Schedule IIIHHS Recommends DEA Reschedule Cannabis to Schedule III

By Cannabis Industry Journal Staff

In a historic move for the industry, the Biden Administration sent a letter to the DEA, recommending that the federal agency remove cannabis from Schedule I and reclassify it as Schedule III, removing it from the list of drugs with no medical value and high potential for abuse. If this recommendation results in a rescheduling, the implications for the cannabis industry could be enormous.

Cannabis Quality Conference |  October 16, 2023 – October 18, 2023

Chase EastmanTraining, Education & Compliance:
A Q& A with Chase Eastman, CEO of Rootwurks

By Cannabis Industry Journal Staff

In this interview, we sit down with Chase Eastman, the CEO of Rootwurks, to learn about how he came to start the cannabis education and training company, what he thinks of regulatory compliance in the industry, and how the future of training might mold the cannabis marketplace.

The Seed to Sale Safety Workshop
October 16, 2023

Learn about the seed-to-sale safety considerations associated with cannabis edibles. Participants will achieve an understanding of cannabis hazard analysis, learn the principles of cannabis edible GMPs, apply food safety best practices, identify risks in marketing and labeling and apply the fundamentals of state and federal regulatory compliance.

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