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Dawne Morris, Proteus420Retail Shrinkage and Navigating Loss Prevention in the Cannabis Industry

By Dawne Morris, Proteus420

Retail shrinkage is an ongoing problem for dispensaries dealing with theft and inefficiency. Some top preventative measures include granulated system access, solid inventory auditing, physical security measures and more.

Cannabis Quality Conference |  October 16, 2023 – October 18, 2023

Phil Gibson, AEssenseGrowsBuilding An Integrated Pest Management Plan
Part 2

By Phil Gibson, AEssenseGrows

In this six-part series of articles, the AEssenseGrows plant science team introduces a framework for integrated pest management (IPM) as an integral part of your grow operations. Part One detailed an overview of the plan as well as pest identification. In Part Two, we dive into pest monitoring and record keeping.

A Research Study on the Antimicrobial Properties of CannabisA Research Study on the Antimicrobial Properties
of Cannabis

By Cindy Orser, CLIP Labs

In this comprehensive scientific study, researchers use in vitro methods to evaluate the impact of products containing CBD and CBG on the most dominant vaginal lactobacilli species, L. crispatus, associated with good health. Given the rise of intimate care products marketed with CBD and the reported antimicrobial properties of cannabis, these scientists set out to learn if products like cannabis infused lube have any effect on a vaginal microbiome.


Jennifer Lott, BSIAsk the Experts:
Supply Chain Risks in Hemp & Cannabis

By Cannabis Industry Journal Staff

Ahead of her upcoming webinar, we sat down with Jennifer Lott, AMAS Service Delivery Director for BSI, to learn about supply chain risks in the hemp and cannabis markets and how to mitigate them.


Arun Apte, CloudLIMSStemming the Tide:
Strategies for Cannabis Testing Labs & Regulators to Address
THC Inflation and Lab Shopping

By Arun Apte, CloudLIMS

Learn how to tackle THC inflation and lab shopping and understand how cannabis lab testing software can improve the reliability of lab data & automate processes.

New York Office of Cannabis ManagementThe Hot Debate Embroiling New York’s Potency Tax

By Rachel Wright, Abraham Finberg & Simon Menkes, AB FinWright

Should states taxes for cannabis be levied on the amount of THC in the product? New York’s cannabis tax law has many stakeholders in the market condemning this and arguing for a flat rate instead.

RollPros BlackbirdRise of the Machines:
The Case for Automation in the Cannabis Industry

By Kyle Loucks, RollPros

In a world where efficiency is king, automation provides cannabis businesses the opportunity to improve quality control, reduce costs and ensure compliance and consistency at scale. Uncover how automation is driving innovation in the cannabis industry and its potential for the future of cannabis.

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