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FDAFDA Punts on CBD Rules

By Cannabis Industry Journal Staff

Four years after the Farm Bill was signed into law, the FDA announced they want Congress to develop a new regulatory framework, citing their existing regulatory pathways as inappropriate for the plant and its products.

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Anticipating the Ebbs and Flows of Seasonal
Retail Cannabis Sales

By Itali Heide, Contact Studios

In places with off-seasons, having ups and downs is to be expected, but just like any industry, knowing what to expect and what to do can make these challenges seem like less of a hassle.

3 Benefits of Conducting Genetic Tests on Your Plants3 Benefits of Conducting Genetic Tests on Your Plants

By Angel Fernandez, MyFloraDNA

Many growers may wonder why it’s important to get their plants genetically tested, but the truth is that genetic testing can make growing a lot easier. Genetic analysis in plants can give a wide range of results that can help scientists solve everyday problems in plant cultivation, such as detecting diseases and identifying important traits in plant species.

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Joe Madigan, Higher Growth SearchAttracting Investment:
How Cannabis Companies Can Best Position Themselves

By Joe Madigan, Higher Growth Search

The cannabis industry is unique, but the basics of running a business well enough for success still apply. Investors want to see companies with solid management, good community outreach and serious plans for growth.

Rick Maturo, BDSAData: The Key to Success in Today’s Cannabis Market

By Rick Maturo, BDSA

As the cannabis industry continues to evolve, recent market challenges have created an environment that is more difficult for industry leaders to navigate. To find success in today’s marketplace, company leaders need to adopt a robust, data-driven approach to combat the influx of rising brands, emerging markets and pricing challenges, among other obstacles.

Compliance as a Revenue CenterCompliance as a Revenue Center:
Banking & Cannabis, More Similar Than You Think

By Kevin Hart, Green Check Verified

Traditionally, compliance is viewed as a cost center, but in reality, it’s a revenue protection center. As the old saying goes; “an ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure.” Compliance is that prevention.

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