Labeling & Label Management for the Cannabis Industry

Addressing Cannabis Price Compression With ScienceAddressing Cannabis Price Compression With Science

By Mark Doherty, Dual Draft

As canopies increase within a facility, advancements like robotics, LEDs and advanced airflow technology define how the industry operates and continues to improve. Efficiency keeps business alive—cannabis growers must continually assess their operations and make the capital investments that will pay off as wholesale prices continue to decline.

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Challenges Abound for Cannabis Industry Growth in 2023Challenges Abound for Cannabis Industry Growth in 2023

By Jay Virdi, HUB International

The U.S. cannabis market will face an array of challenges in 2023 but companies can protect their products, people and bottom lines with thoughtful risk management strategies that can keep operations running.

Election Results for CannabisNo Green Wave This Time,
But Two More States Legalize Adult Use Cannabis

By Brett Schuman, Jennifer Fisher, Jeremy Lateiner, Allyson McCain,
Amy Arnelle & Whitney Williams
Goodwin Law

It was not the Green Wave of 2020, but two more states did join the growing number of states that have legalized cannabis for adult-use. Specifically, Maryland passed its ballot measure by a large margin, and Missouri passed its measure by a slimmer margin.

The 3-Legged Stool of Successful Grow OperationsThe 3-Legged Stool of Successful Grow Operations:
Climate, Cultivation & Genetics – Part 3

By Phil Gibson, AEssense Grows

In this six-part series of articles, the folks from AEssenseGrows introduce the 3-legged stool of successful cannabis cultivation: climate, cultivation & genetics. In part 1, we covered environmental controls. Part 2 delves deep into the wide world of water quality. Part 3 recommends critical housing requirements.

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Expanding Your Cannabis Brand: Plan Your Packaging & Labeling StrategyExpanding Your Cannabis Brand:
Plan Your Packaging & Labeling Strategy

By Orna Bresler, CLC Regulatory Partners

This column provides marketing and regulatory considerations for brand owners and licensees who want to maintain brand integrity and meet compliance requirements when expanding into other states.

Sundie Seefried, President & CEO of Safe Harbor Financial A Q&A with Sundie Seefried, President & CEO of
Safe Harbor Financial

By Cannabis Industry Journal Staff

In this sit-down interview, we speak with Sundie Seefried, who has been working in the credit union space for around forty years. As founder, president and CEO of Safe Harbor Financial, she shares some insights on current events, the future of cannabis banking and lending, and what the next few years might hold in store for an industry ready to grow.

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