CIJ's Cannabis Quality Conference & Expo - October 17-19, 2022 The Hilton, Parsippany, NJ

The B2B Marketplace Trend Comes to Cannabis (Finally)The B2B Marketplace Trend Comes to Cannabis (Finally)

By Adam Benko & Brian Mayfield, MJStack

As more and more industries specialize, it’s no wonder ancillary services are having a renaissance and replacing the traditional one-size-fits-all model popularized decades ago. The more this industry expands, the more founders and their B2B partners need to roll with their own solutions.

Food Safety Consortium - October 19 - 21, 2022 - Parsippany, NJ

George Mancheril, Co-Founder & CEO of Bespoke FinancialAn Interview with Bespoke Financial Co-Founder & CEO George Mancheril

By Aaron Green, Iridium Consulting

In this article, Aaron Green sits down with George Mancheril, co-founder and CEO of Bespoke Financial, a cannabis lender, to learn more about trends in cannabis lending and their recent partnership with Blaze.

ASTMASTM Approves New Cannabis Standards

By Cannabis Industry Journal Staff

ASTM International’s D37 cannabis committee has recently approved a few new standards surrounding the environmental conditions for packaging, shipping and storing cannabis and hemp flower.

MJStack - Operating a Cannabis Business is hard enough. Vetting technology partners shouldn't be hard.

The Inflated THC Crisis Plaguing California CannabisThe Inflated THC Crisis Plaguing California Cannabis

By Josh Swider & Erik Paulson, InfiniteCAL and
Zachary Eisenberg, Anresco Labs

Cannabis consumers in California are being defrauded, and it’s the Department of Cannabis Control’s fault. Lab shopping has become so widespread that labs openly advertise their higher potency values to gain customers without fear of recourse.

Melita Balestieri, Higher Growth SearchTransportation & Supply Issues in Cannabis Staffing:
How to Get Unstuck

By Melita Balestieri, Higher Growth Search

Providing a solid base wage with health benefits, and making it clear to current employees and job candidates that there’s an internal infrastructure of support—from HR to loyalty bonuses—is the best way to tackle the transportation and supply issues to position your company for future success.

2022 Cannabis Cultivation Virtual Conference


By Cannabis Industry Journal Staff

2022 Cannabis Cultivation Virtual ConferenceThe 2022 Cannabis Cultivation Virtual Conference. Check out presentations from the program including: Moving Forward in Craft Cannabis; Beyond Terpenes: What Else Is There and Why Should You Care?; Applying Integrated Pest Management to Cannabis Cultivation; and Characterizing Nuisance Biofilms with NGS to Adopt Better Water Treatment Program

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