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Sen. Schumer unveiling the Cannabis Administration and Opportunity Act last year.Senators Introduce Cannabis Administration and Opportunity Act

By Cannabis Industry Journal Staff

About a year ago, the lawmakers held a press conference where they unveiled their first draft of the CAOA, calling on the public for comments and input. The bill is arguably the most comprehensive piece of cannabis legislation to date.

Hardy Diagnostics - A Culture of Service

Don’t Go Down with the ShipDon’t Go Down with the Ship:
How to Create a Cash Influx for Your Cannabis Business
During Hard Times

By Adam Benko & Brian Mayfield, MJStack

In today’s uncertain world, it can be harder than ever to keep your cannabis business in the green – and we don’t mean flower. If you’re a struggling cannabis business owner, don’t throw in the towel just yet. Here are 5 expert-approved tips to create a cash influx for your business, without drastically increasing spending.

AOAC AccreditationAOAC Accreditation:
Why Third-Party Approval Matters More Than Ever

By Anthony Repay, Method Testing Labs

At the end of the day, cannabis testing labs want to keep the public safe and it is our job to do so. This means implementing these independently approved methods from agencies such as AOAC at various touch points in the seed to sale cycle to ensure the data is validated and reliable.

Recording Now Available
2022 Infused Products Virtual Conference:
June Program


By Cannabis Industry Journal Staff

2022 Infused Products Virtual Conference: June ProgramThe 2022 Infused Products Virtual Conference, June program. Check out sessions from the event like: Elevating Edibles: Defining the Next Cannabis Experience; Cannabis Beverages: The Rise of a New Market & a New Consumer; One Symbol to Rule Them All! Harmonization is Finally Here!; and Evaluating the Safety of CBD – Data Needs

CIJ's Cannabis Quality Conference & Expo - October 17-19, 2022 The Hilton, Parsippany, NJ

Oren Bitan, BuchalterCannabis Receiverships:
A Viable Alternative to Bankruptcy

By Oren Bitan, Buchalter

Because businesses in the legal cannabis market lack access to vital traditional institutions, such as bankruptcy remedies, stakeholders must be prepared to consider alternatives such as a court appointed receiver, which can be a useful alternative to both secured creditors and unsecured creditors.

Tom BlaineFrom Factory to Flower
4 GMP Insights for the Grow House

By Tom Blaine, Owens Corning

At first glance, the layout of a grow room and a factory production line might seem to have little in common. But whether a facility is producing plants or parts, adopting good manufacturing practices (GMP) can benefit plant quality, harvest consistency and production economics.

Eric Schneider, AlphaRootRisk Management Considerations for Cannabis Retailers
in New Jersey

By Eric Schneider, AlphaRoot

New Jersey dedicated the first part of 2022 to issue licenses to cannabis businesses, with retailers joining the legal crowd in March. Although the New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory Commission requires retailers to adhere to strict guidelines, there’s still more to do. Here are risk management considerations New Jersey cannabis retailers need to know.

Food Safety Consortium - October 19 - 21, 2022 - Parsippany, NJ
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