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Canopy Growth CorporationCanopy Growth Acquires Jetty Extracts

By Cannabis Industry Journal Staff

Canopy Growth Corporation, one of the largest cannabis companies in the world, announced the acquisition of Jetty Extracts this week for $69 million. The acquisition follows a similar pattern of their recent acquisitions, increasing their North American footprint in the cannabis market considerably.

Hardy Diagnostics - A Culture of Service

FDAFDA Issues Warning Over Copycat Cannabis Consumables

By Cannabis Industry Journal Staff

Last week, the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) published a consumer warning regarding food products containing THC and the risk of children accidentally eating them. Between January of last year through April 24, 2022, the FDA says they have received more than 100 adverse event reports involving people (both adults and children) accidentally consuming THC-containing products.

Tori Gates, NisonCoWhy the Cannabis Industry Must Combat Degree Inflation

By Tori Gates, NisonCo

The importance college education in the hiring process is fading and an emphasis on it can lead to payroll premiums, poor productivity and high turnover. Instead, look to technical and soft skills and develop your company’s pipeline of non-degree employees.


Labeling & Label Management for the Cannabis IndustryLabeling & Label Management for the Cannabis Industry

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This Labeling & Label Management for the Cannabis Industry eBook provides an in-depth look at how cultivators, processors, and dispensers of all sizes leverage on-demand labeling and label management solutions to help overcome labeling challenges and gain a strategic competitive advantage in this quickly growing market.

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AOAC Launches Cannabis Proficiency Testing ProgramAOAC Launches Cannabis Proficiency Testing Program

By Cannabis Industry Journal Staff

AOAC International, partnering with Signature Sciences, debuts their pilot round for their cannabis laboratory proficiency testing program this month, the only PT program with actual cannabis flower as a matrix. The first live round of their PT program is scheduled to begin in November of 2022.

Julie Saltzman, Berlin PackagingPerfecting Your Packaging for Cannabis Beverages

By Julie Saltzman, Berlin Packaging

Using sustainable packaging options, meeting regulatory compliance design parameters, keeping convenience at top of mind and branding it appropriately will all help you package your cannabis beverages successfully.

BioMerieux - New STEC / Salmonella Testing from the Microbiology Experts

2022 Cannabis Extraction Virtual Conference
New Recording Available:
2022 Cannabis Extraction Virtual Conference

By Cannabis Industry Journal Staff

The 2022 Extraction Virtual Conference. Check out sessions from this virtual event like: The Future of Cannabis Concentrates: in Hydrocarbon Extraction & Manufacturing; Extraction Optimization Through Artificial Intelligence; and How the Notorious CO2 Became a Superhero: SFC for Green Cannabinoid and Terpene Purification.

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