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Legal Guide to the Business of Marijuana: Cannabis, Hemp and CBD RegulationAsk the Experts:
The Business of Cannabis Meets the Law

By Cannabis Industry Journal Staff

In this Q&A, we sit down with legal experts, James T. O’Reilly and Edgar J. Asebey, to discuss the many intersections between cannabis business and the law. Following the release of the latest edition of the Legal Guide to the Business of Marijuana, published by Practicing Law Institute, they offer some insights on state regulations, federal law, employment, taxes and much more.



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Attend & gain an understanding of how to audit or build a Cannabis practice; become aware of the risks and the opportunities available in becoming a specialist in this subject. This conference offers a variety of sessions over 2 days covering key industry news and insights, including taxation in the US and Canada

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Keep the Buds Fresh“Keep the Buds Fresh” –
Packaging & Paraphernalia Laws

By Justin T. Starling & Michael C. Tackeff, Bass, Berry & Sims

While U.S. courts have generally refused to hold manufacturers liable for making products that can be used later as drug paraphernalia, risks do remain. And with differing federal and state laws to consider, what packaging standards must a packaging company consider before entering the cannabis market?

PerkinElmer - Nexion 2000 ICP-MS

Tissue Culture Cultivation Can Transform the Way We Grow CannabisTissue Culture Cultivation Can Transform the Way We Grow Cannabis

By Max Jones & Dasya Petranova, Maitri Medicinals

Clean, safe and uniform cannabis is a necessity to generate reliable research data. Utilizing tissue culture cultivation is a smart way to ensure researchers have access to the resources they need to drive our understanding of the cannabis plant.


The Infused Products Virtual ConferenceThe Infused Products Virtual Conference

November 16, 2021 12:00 Noon - 4:30 PM ET

In a number of states across the country, edibles, topicals, beverages and other infused products are taking up a larger percentage of the market share. Different states have different rules when it comes to product safety and regulations shouldn’t be the reason why infused products manufacturers have robust safety and quality standards, consumer safety is. There are a number of tools and tricks cannabis companies can learn from the food industry to streamline their businesses and gain a bigger chunk of the market share.

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Tom Bisbee, EcoGen BiosciencesSolvent Remediation –
The Last Step for Safe, Clean Hemp Extraction

By Tom Bisbee, EcoGen Biosciences

But buyer beware; it’s also an easy step to skip. Removing unwanted solvents from final products is a must in delivering safe and clean products to consumers.

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Cathy Corby Iannuzzelli, co-founder and chief payments officer at KindTap TechnologiesPayment Processing & Consumer Credit:
An Interview with KindTap Co-Founder

By Aaron Green, Iridium Consulting

In this article, Aaron Green interviews Cathy Corby Iannuzzelli, Co-founder and Chief Payments Officer at KindTap Technologies to learn more about cannabis payment processing and the company’s recent launch of KindTap.

CannaFlix - On-Demand Events & Webinars from CIJ
The Cannabis Extraction Virtual Conference

Recording Now Available:
2021 Cannabis Extraction Virtual Conference

By Cannabis Industry Journal Staff

The Cannabis Extraction Virtual Conference. Check out sessions from the June 29, 2021 event such as: Hazards and Controls of Extraction with Liquified Petroleum Gases (LPG), Slow is Smooth & Smooth is Fast! Understanding the Kinetics & Thermodynamics of Cannabis Extraction and The Quest to Discover the Limits of CO2 Extraction

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