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Quality Systems 101Quality Systems 101:
CAPA Programs Drive Improvement & Prevent Costly Mistakes

By David Vaillencourt, The GMP Collective

When things go wrong in our imperfect business and world, how do you address them? A CAPA program can help businesses identify problems, their causes and offer solutions for preventing future problems.

BioMerieux - New STEC / Salmonella Testing from the Microbiology Experts

Mark Your Calendars: Upcoming Webinar on Pesticide TestingMark Your Calendars:
Upcoming Webinar on Pesticide Testing

By Cannabis Industry Journal Staff

On August 25, cannabis labs and those interested in learning more about cannabis lab testing should take advantage of this complimentary event.


CD Plate WheelAsk the Experts:
Microbiological Contamination in Cannabis & What You Should Look for

By Cannabis Industry Journal Staff

Anna Klavins and Jessa Youngblood of Hardy Diagnostics discuss the biggest challenges facing cannabis testing labs when it comes to microbiology testing.


Senators Introduce The Cannabis Administration And Opportunity ActSenators Introduce The Cannabis Administration And Opportunity Act

By Cannabis Industry Journal Staff

During a press conference held today, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, Senate Finance Committee Chair Ron Wyden and Senator Cory Booker introduced the Cannabis Administration And Opportunity Act, a bill that would remove cannabis from the list of controlled substances. This is the first time that a Senate Majority Leader has introduced such a bill.


PerkinElmerImproving Cannabis Pesticide Testing via Cloud-Based Saas Software and Automation Technology

August 25, 2021 12:00 Noon-1:00 PM ET

Technology Innovation is key to meet current and future workflow challenges in cannabis labs. As a thought and technology leader in the cannabis & hemp industry, PerkinElmer will demonstrate how an innovative automation hardware and software workflow allows cannabis & CBD laboratories to complete their pesticide and mycotoxin assays more efficiently and confidently.

Register Today!

ASTM Introduces Retail Cybersecurity StandardASTM Introduces Retail Cybersecurity Standard

By Cannabis Industry Journal Staff

The proposed cannabis standard introduced by ASTM International will set up protocols for cybersecurity in dispensaries.

5 Pivotal Trends Propelling Growth5 Pivotal Trends Propelling Growth For the Medical Cannabis Market: 2021-2027

By Priya Deshmukh, Global Market Insights

New product developments, regional demand shifts and different drug delivery mechanisms will become more disruptive for the global medical cannabis market in the years to come.

Bio-Rad - Cannabis Microbial Testing

Max Goldstein, CEO of Union ElectricFlower-side Chats Part 7:
A Q&A with Max Goldstein, CEO of Union Electric and
Founding Partner at OpenNest Labs

By Aaron Green, Iridium Consulting

In this series, Aaron Green sits down and interviews a number of integrated cannabis companies and flower brands. In this Part 7, Green sits down with Max Goldstein, CEO of Union Electric and Founding Partner at OpenNest Labs, to learn more about his asset-light model for building a brand in California.

The Cannabis Extraction Virtual Conference

Recording Now Available:
2021 Cannabis Extraction Virtual Conference

By Cannabis Industry Journal Staff

The Cannabis Extraction Virtual Conference. Check out sessions from the June 29, 2021 event such as: Hazards and Controls of Extraction with Liquified Petroleum Gases (LPG), Slow is Smooth & Smooth is Fast! Understanding the Kinetics & Thermodynamics of Cannabis Extraction and The Quest to Discover the Limits of CO2 Extraction

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