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AmazonAmazon Now Backs Federal Legalization

By Cannabis Industry Journal Staff

In a blog post published yesterday, Amazon’s Senior Vice President, Dave Clark, announced the company’s support for the MORE Act and their updated drug testing policy.

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The Cannabis Extraction Virtual Conference

Mark Your Calendars:
The Cannabis Extraction Virtual Conference

By Cannabis Industry Journal Staff

On June 29, 2021, Cannabis Industry Journal is hosting the Cannabis Extraction Virtual Conference. From Noon to 5pm EST, you’ll get access to five veterans of the cannabis extraction market.

CU Boulder, Charlotte’s Web Begin Sleep & Anxiety StudiesCU Boulder, Charlotte’s Web Begin
Sleep & Anxiety Studies

By Cannabis Industry Journal Staff

The University of Colorado-Boulder and Charlotte’s Web Holdings have announced a collaboration on a preclinical sleep and anxiety study to investigate the effects of full spectrum hemp oil on sleep quality and anxiety.

Challenges with Process Scale Up in Cannabis/Hemp ExtractionChallenges with Process Scale Up in Cannabis/Hemp Extraction

By Darwin Millard

Process scale up is a challenging endeavor in many industries, but it is even more challenging in the cannabis/hemp industry. What equipment you use, what parameters you implement, and what solvents and reagents are involved are all contributing factors to the scalability of your process. In this piece Darwin Millard explores the common mistakes made during process scale up and how to avoid them.

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John Shearman, Applied DNA SciencesThe Importance of Smart Cannabis Packaging

By John Shearman, Applied DNA Sciences

Technology in cannabis packaging is advancing. Blockchain-supported tracking, QR codes and authenticity markers can help companies keep track of supply chain logistics and prevent counterfeiting simultaneously.

Ryan Schonfeld, HiveWatchGrowing the Seed of Sale:
Integrating Security with Business Opportunity

By Ryan Schonfeld, HiveWatch

Security is critical, and thankfully, growers and providers have many tools available to protect their investment. For those businesses in the cannabis market looking to supplement their security operations with other workforce but may not have the budget or infrastructure to do so, remote security operations services are something you should consider.

CannaFlix - On-Demand Events & Webinars from CIJ


May 11, 2021Cannabis Extraction Virtual Conference

June 29, 2021 – 12:00 pm – 4:20 pm

The Cannabis Extraction Virtual Conference will take place on June 29. This complimentary event will have four webinar presentations, all back-to-back and on the same day. You won't want to miss this extraction and concentrates event. Stay tuned for announcements on the agenda, registration page and speaker lineup.

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