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The Cannabis Freedom AlliancePolitical & Corporate Lobbying Influences Emerge in Cannabis

By Cannabis Industry Journal Staff

Two new lobbying coalitions have emerged recently in the cannabis legalization movement, sparking some support, some backlash and mounting skepticism. One is backed by the Koch family and conservative thinktanks and another by the tobacco and alcohol industries.

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2021 Cannabis Cultivation Virtual Conference2021 Cannabis Cultivation Virtual Conference Recording Now Available

By Cannabis Industry Journal Staff

The Cannabis Cultivation Virtual Conference. Check out sessions from the March 23, 2021 event such as: A Guidance on an Integrated Lifecycle of Designing a Cultivation Operation, Why CBD Companies Should Go Organic and The Beginner’s Guide to Integrated Pest Management.

FDAFDA Issues Warning Letters on Marketing
and Sale of OTC CBD Products

By Seth Mailhot, Steve Levine, Emily Lyons, Leah Kaiser & Marshall Custer,
Husch Blackwell LLP

The FDA issued warning letters to two companies this month, alleging FD&C Act violations stemming from marketing new drugs without approval. Companies marketing CBD products should be careful not to market OTC drugs containing CBD.

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Virginia Finalizes Legalization PlanVirginia Finalizes Legalization Plan

By Cannabis Industry Journal Staff

On July 1, 2021, Virginia will officially legalize adult use cannabis, following the state’s legislature approving the governor’s amendments to their plan. The state of Virginia has now finalized their legalization plans, setting in motion the launch of the very first legal adult use cannabis market in the American South.

New York Legalizes Adult Use CannabisNew York Legalizes Adult Use Cannabis

By Cannabis Industry Journal Staff

Governor Cuomo signed The Marijuana Revenue and Taxation Act (MRTA) into law, legalizing adult use and possession of cannabis immediately. The bill also establishes the Office of Cannabis Management, which will launch and manage the regulatory system for the commercial cannabis market in New York.

New Mexico Poised to Legalize Adult Use CannabisNew Mexico Poised to Legalize
Adult Use Cannabis

By Cannabis Industry Journal Staff

Legislators in New Mexico have finalized a bill that establishes a regulatory framework for legalizing adult use cannabis sales. The bill heads to Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham’s desk, where she is expected to sign it soon.


Edibles Pose Health Risk without Food Safety Test

Rapid Pathogen Testing Mitigates Foodborne Illness

Even with comprehensive cannabis testing, food safety concerns pose a major challenge to edible manufacturers. With no regulatory oversight for cannabis-infused foods, it’s up to manufacturers to prevent pathogen outbreaks. Microbiological testing for hazardous bacteria is the best way to protect against outbreaks.

Stay ahead of the curve with rapid micro testing.

Matt Hawkins, Entourage Effect CapitalA Q&A with Matt Hawkins
Co-Founder & Managing Partner at Entourage Effect Capital

By Aaron Green, iridium Consulting

In this article, Aaron Green sits down with Matt Hawkins, Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Entourage Effect Capital to learn more about his investment philosophy and get his perspective on recent trends in the cannabis industry.


New Technology for Rapid Validation of Sanitary SurfacesNew Biological Residue Test Developed to Verify Cleanliness on Surfaces

Researchers at Kikkoman Biochemifa have developed an assay to test for total adenylates, which are found in biological residue. This new technology is being implemented in real-time sanitation validation tests to enhance pathogen detection.

Download the Whitepaper.


May 11, 2021Cannabis Labs Virtual Conference

May 4, 2021 – 12:00 pm – 4:00 pm

For five years now, we have been hosting this complimentary collection of webinar presentations, designed to help attendees better understand some of the more technical aspects of starting and operating a laboratory. Stay tuned for the agenda announcement and registration page coming soon!

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