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Jose Sariego, Bilzin SumbergCannabis M&A in the Post-COVID Era

By Jose Sariego, Bilzin Sumberg

Prospects for the New Year are expected to continue the explosive year-end trend with a backlog of nearly $2 billion in deals heading into 2021. Growth is expected to be led by multi-state operators who have achieved scale, cleaned up their balance sheets and stockpiled dry powder for roll-up acquisitions.

Perry Johnson Consulting - ISO/IEC 17025 Cannabis Testing Labs

Cresco Labs Acquires Bluma WellnessCresco Labs Acquires Bluma Wellness

By Cannabis Industry Journal Staff

Cresco Labs will enter the Florida market with the acquisition of Bluma Wellness (and its subsidiary One Plant Florida) for an equity value of $213 million, expected to be finalized by the second quarter of this year.

New Trade Organization Launches: The Sustainable Cannabis CoalitionNew Trade Organization Launches:
The Sustainable Cannabis Coalition

By Cannabis Industry Journal Staff

A group of businesses in the cultivation and technology space has launched the Sustainable Cannabis Coalition (SCC), to collaborate on improving data-driven sustainability in cultivation, manufacturing and distribution throughout the market.


New Technology for Rapid Validation of Sanitary SurfacesNew Biological Residue Test Developed to Verify Cleanliness on Surfaces

Researchers at Kikkoman Biochemifa have developed an assay to test for total adenylates, which are found in biological residue. This new technology is being implemented in real-time sanitation validation tests to enhance pathogen detection.

Download the Whitepaper.

Drew Hathaway, Stillwater BrandsLeaders in Cannabis Formulations: Part 1

By Aaron Green, Iridium Consulting

In this series of articles, Aaron Green sits down and interviews a number of industry scientists and executives leading cannabis formulation companies. In Part 1, Green chats with Drew Hathaway, senior food scientist at Stillwater Brands, the makers of Caliper and Ripple, to learn more about their technology and plans for growth.


Edibles Pose Health Risk without Food Safety Test

Rapid Pathogen Testing Mitigates Foodborne Illness

Even with comprehensive cannabis testing, food safety concerns pose a major challenge to edible manufacturers. With no regulatory oversight for cannabis-infused foods, it’s up to manufacturers to prevent pathogen outbreaks. Microbiological testing for hazardous bacteria is the best way to protect against outbreaks.

Stay ahead of the curve with rapid micro testing.

Green II: Spreading Like KudzuNew Book On Cannabis Describes
A Global Market In Transition

By Marguerite Arnold, CannaList EU

Marguerite Arnold's new book about the inside story of the German cultivation bid, Green II: Spreading Like Kudzu, contains surprises and inside stories you have never heard before – no matter who you are in the industry. Here is an exclusive first look excerpt.

ProVerde LaboratoriesProVerde Laboratories Shut Down for
Operating Without License

By Cannabis Industry Journal Staff

The company’s Portland, Maine location was shut down for operating without a city license, pending an inspection in February.

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