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The Pot Mates logoThe Dawn of Delivery:
How This Oregon Company Launched During a Pandemic

By Aaron G. Biros, Editor

Pot Mates was prepared to launch as a new cannabis delivery service in the Portland, Oregon market, but then the coronavirus pandemic hit. In this story, we’ll explore the new delivery market, how Pot Mates came to be, where they’re going and what starting a new cannabis business during a global pandemic looks like.

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Taneeshia Thomas and her husband, Christopher LacyThe Hopes of Illinois Social Equity Applicants

By Taneeshia Thomas, TGC Group

At the intersection of the Black Lives Matter movement, protests across the country and socio-economic woes facing the nation, comes some hope for change in Illinois. “I speak for all the ghettos when I say this: give us access to the capital and we will get the rest done on our own.”

Biomist - From Seedling to Sale

Brand Marketing Byte

Pioneer IntelligenceBasking in Sunshine: GrowHealthy

By Cannabis Industry Journal Staff

In this week’s Brand Marketing Byte, we take a look at Florida-based GrowHealthy and their quick expansion to dominate the market in the Sunshine State.

Rootstock - Getting a better seat on the Cannabusiness Roller Coaster


John Shearman, Applied DNA SciencesCannabis Shifts to a Luxury Brand

By John Shearman, Applied DNA Sciences

From authentication to tagging and tracing: In this piece, Shearman takes a look at all of the innovative ways growers are elevating cannabis products to luxury status.

Grant Polachek, SquadhelpHow to Name and Brand Your Cannabis Business

By Grant Polachek, Squadhelp

Once you have your product and your business model conceived, it’s time to brand your endeavor. Branding is what will differentiate your company from others in the same cannabis space.

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Dr. Leslie Apgar & Gina Dubbé, Greenhouse WellnessCOVID-19 & The Hypocrisy of Essential
Cannabis Business

By Dr. Leslie Apgar & Gina Dubbé, Greenhouse Wellness

Our country has had an unfortunate historical relationship with a plant that has the potential to ease suffering safely and bring about some much-needed economic stimulation. It's high time we fix the mistakes of our past and create a kinder and more inclusive future.

Innovative Publishing Company, Inc. - COVID-19 Resources
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