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Marijuana Matters

David C. Kotler, Esq.A Guide to Documentation and SOPs for Start Ups

By David C. Kotler, Esq., Cohen Kotler, P.A.

Crafting and updating internal SOPs and employee manuals frequently are crucial to viable business operations.



Dr. Markus Roggen, OutcoClear vs. Pure:
How Fallacies and Ignorance of Extraction
Misrepresent the Cannabis Flower

By Dr. Markus Roggen, Outco

In this Op-Ed, Dr. Markus Roggen busts some myths about the ‘Clear’ craze.

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Ben Ward, CEO of Maricann GroupCannabis Industry Needs Leadership, Not Pesticides

By Ben Ward, Maricann

In this op-ed, Ben Ward, CEO of Maricann Group, gives licensed producers (In Canada and US) a piece of his mind.


Marguerite Arnold, MedPayRxWhat Is Going On With Germany’s Cannabis Bid?

By Marguerite Arnold, MedPayRx

A number of setbacks, controversies and lawsuits keep the German cannabis market in limbo.

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RotronicAn Easy Way to Measure Moisture Content

Learn how to make a quick and easy measurement for moisture content in cannabis. Water activity is easily correlated to moisture content. This white paper explains the theory, measurement, instruments, and more.

Download the white paper.


Biros' Blog

Aaron G. BirosCWCBExpo: Cut Ties with Roger Stone

By Aaron G. Biros, Editor-in-Chief

We support the Minority Cannabis Business Association’s decision to withdraw its speakers after the conference booked Roger Stone, a notorious political lobbyist.

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