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Complimentary Virtual Event Recording

Recorded on February 21, 2023

Complimentary Webinar

Cannabis Labs Virtual Conference

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Cannabis Labs Virtual Conference

The Cannabis Labs Virtual Conference is back! For eight years now, we have been hosting this complimentary collection of webinar presentations, designed to help attendees better understand some of the more technical aspects of starting and operating a laboratory. We will take a deep dive into cannabis testing, potency testing, regulations, sample preparation, management and much more. Take a look at the presentations and speakers below for more information.

Attendees registering for this complimentary series of webinars will get access to seven veterans of the cannabis lab testing industry, who are all available for Q&A after each presentation. In addition to getting the opportunity to chat with these subject matter experts on February 21, a recording of the presentations will be made available to all who register.

Practical and educational information from experts in the cannabis lab testing industry, all on the same day and all from the comfort of your lab, home or office. Want real inside knowledge on the cannabis testing industry? Sign up today!

Who Should Attend:

  • Cannabis laboratory personnel
  • Lab managers, Chemists, Microbiologists
  • Investors of Cannabis Labs and those looking to start a lab
  • Clients of laboratories including: growers, processors, dispensary managers and stakeholders in the cannabis lab testing market


12:00 PM - Welcome & Introductions
Aaron Biros, Editor, CannabisIndustryJournal.com - Host and Moderator

12:05 PM - When & Why You Should use Molecular-Based vs. Cultural-Based ID Methods
Josh Smith, MS, President & CSO, Telic Labs; Acting Lab Director, ABKO Labs

When it comes to microbial diagnostics, there are many different methods to choose from. How do you know which ones to choose for each application? If you know how and why the different methods do what do it makes it much easier to look for and identify your target microbe of interest. Additionally learn why not all methods are created equal, and not all methods can be used for every test or target.

12:55 PM - Sponsored TechTalk 

1:10 PM - Hop Latent Viroid - The Pandemic of the Grow Room: Fact, Fiction & Management
Dr. Tassa Saldi, Chief Science Officer, TUMI Genomics

In this talk Dr. Saldi will provide a laymen overview of viroid biology including how viroids differ from more familiar pathogens such as viruses, bacteria and fungus. Dr. Saldi will discuss the various HLVd testing options and what a cultivator should look for when choosing a testing lab. Finally, recommendations regarding sample collection, ideal HLVd testing schedules and how to mitigate losses from HLVd when it is found in a facility will be reviewed.

2:00 pm -  Sponsored Tech Talk

2:15 PM - Cannabis Laboratory Accreditation - Challenges & Solutions
Christopher Fox-Strauss, Accreditation Manager, ANAB

Most cannabis laboratories are familiar with accreditation as required by state regulations, but many labs still have questions about how to conform to the requirements. During this session we will focus on some of the recurring challenges and questions we are seeing in ISO 17025-accredited cannabis laboratories. We will also highlight some supplemental resources and programs to elevate laboratory performance and compliance.

3:00 PM - Wrap up


Josh Smith

Josh Smith
President & CSO/ Acting Lab Director
Telic Labs/ ABKO Labs

Focused on molecular biology and designing specialized technical laboratories, Josh has 15+ years of experience in pharmaceutical R&D and highly regulated clinical fields. Having been awarded several specialized patents and leading teams to innovate DNA diagnostics, Josh’s center of activity revolves around accurate testing methods and technologies, particularly within the Cannabis industry landscape. Josh is the co-founder and CEO of Telic Labs, LLC a cannabis testing lab that has expanded into multiple states and contributes to projects related to experimental design, product development and educates his clients on ethical testing. He is a member of ASTM’s D37 committee and AOAC’s CASP working group where he lends his knowledge towards policy, procedure, regulation, and industry standards.


Dr. Tassa Saldi

Dr. Tassa Saldi
Chief Science Officer 
TUMI Genomics

Dr. Tassa Saldi is an accomplished molecular biologist with more than 25 years of research experience in RNA biology, infectious disease, and molecular pathogen detection. Dr. Saldi graduated Summa Cum Laude with a degree in Molecular Biology. She completed her graduate and postdoctoral studies at the University of Colorado, where she studied RNA structure, small RNAs and RNA processing. She was awarded a prestigious fellowship from the American Cancer Society and was one of eighteen doctoral fellows nationwide invited to present her research at the Aspen Cancer Conference. Dr. Saldi has authored more than 20 peer-reviewed articles in top tier journals. As the Chief Science Officer and co-founder of TUMI Genomics, Dr. Saldi continues to use her expertise.


Chris Fox Strauss

Chris Fox-Strauss
Accreditation Manager

Chris’ educational background is in microbiology and chemistry. He worked in multiple chemical and biological labs prior to entering the conformity assessment world in an ISO 17025 and ISO 17065-accredited laboratory where he performed internal audits and worked with Canadian and U.S. states’ cannabis regulations, the Consumer Product Safety Commission, and safety product packaging regulations. Chris joined ANAB in August of 2021 as the Accreditation Manager of the ISO 17025 cannabis laboratory programs and qualified as a lead assessor shortly after. He is a member of the ASTM D37 committee, AOAC, and ACIL cannabis working group.

Aaron Biros

Aaron Biros

Aaron Biros is the Editor-in-Chief of Cannabis Industry Journal.com (CIJ), an online business-to-business trade journal focused on the legal cannabis industry. Biros started CIJ in 2015 when he officially joined Innovative Publishing full time. Through editorial coverage of the cannabis markets, Biros has developed a familiarity with regulatory compliance, quality and safety issues as they relate to the burgeoning cannabis industry. Biros covers science and technology updates, breaking news, regulations and emerging markets from his office based in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

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