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Complimentary ON DEMAND Webinar 

Recorded September 13, 2022

Complimentary Webinar

Cannabis Labs Virtual Conference

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Cannabis Labs Virtual Conference

The Cannabis Labs Virtual Conference is back! For six years now, we have been hosting this complimentary collection of webinar presentations, designed to help attendees better understand some of the more technical aspects of starting and operating a laboratory. We will take a deep dive into cannabis lab testing, rules and regulations, standardization and more. Take a look at the presentations and speakers below for more information.

Attendees registering for this complimentary series of webinars will get access to seven veterans of the cannabis lab testing industry, who are all available for Q&A after each presentation. In addition to getting the opportunity to chat with these subject matter experts on September 13, a recording of the presentations will be made available to all who register.

Practical and educational information from experts in the cannabis lab testing industry, all on the same day and all from the comfort of your lab, home or office. Want real inside knowledge on the cannabis testing industry? Sign up today!

Who Should Attend:

  • Cannabis laboratory personnel
  • Lab managers, Chemists, Microbiologists
  • Investors of Cannabis Labs and those looking to start a lab
  • Clients of laboratories including: growers, processors, dispensary managers and stakeholders in the cannabis lab testing market


12:00 PM - Welcome & Introductions
Aaron Biros, Editor, CannabisIndustryJournal.com - Host and Moderator

12:05 PM - Combating Laboratory Shopping
Michael Kahn, President & Founder, MCR Labs

  • Economics of lab shopping
  • Effects of lab shopping on public health
  • Creating incentive for honest testing and labeling

12:55 PM - Millipore Sigma Sponsored TechTalk 
Dr. Stephan Altmaier, Sr. Manager, Merck KGa Darmstadt

Cannabis (marijuana) and (industrial) hemp are known to accumulate heavy metals and have been used for the remediation of contaminated soil. Due to potentially hazardous effects of these metals, this property can hinder the use of cannabis in food, cosmetic or medical industries. In addition, product contamination with metals can occur during the manufacturing process. As a consequence, food or personal care products containing hemp or hemp extract must be tested for their metal and heavy metal content.

    • Use of CRMs in quantitative analysis of heavy metals by ICP-MS
    • Sample prep of cannabis containing sample

1:10 PM - AOAC: Why Third-Party Accreditation Matters More than Ever 
Anthony Repay, Laboratory Director, Method Testing Laboratories

Attendees will learn about the history the AOAC, the role of third-party accreditations in Cannabis microbiology testing and how to seamlessly integrate into your existing processes to enhance consumer safety. 

2:00 pm -  Sponsored Tech Talk

2:15 PM - The Evolution of the Hemp Testing Market: An Introduction
Mikhail Gadomski, Principal Chemist, Deibel Laboratories

  • What is the Difference Between Hemp and Cannabis?
  • What are Natural and Synthetic Psychoactive Cannabinoids; THC 9, CBD, THC 8, THC 10, THCO, etc.?
  • Status of Federal and State Testing Regulations

3:00 PM - Cannabinoid Extraction Efficiency for Potency Analysis: An In-Depth Look of Multiple Techniques
Melinda Urich, LC Solutions Scientist, Restek

  • The importance of extraction efficiency.
  • Variables to consider when choosing a sample preparation technique.
  • Understanding which technique is best for your testing lab.

3:45 PM - Wrap up


Michael Kahn

Michael Kahn
President & Founder
 MCR Labs

Mike oversees strategic planning and execution for all facets of MCR Labs’ scientific and business operations. He is a pioneer of the Massachusetts cannabis testing industry, having educated local and state leaders as well as industry stakeholders about the importance of third-party quality control programs. Mike’s chemistry background and experience in the pharmaceutical industry equipped him with the knowledge necessary to establish MCR Labs as a leader in cannabis testing, and he continues to advocate for patients' rights, product safety, and equity in the cannabis space.


Anthony Repay

Anthony Repay
Laboratory Director
Method Testing Laboratories

Anthony Repay is serving as the Laboratory Director at Method Testing Laboratories located in Tampa Bay, Florida. With a Master’s of Science in Biology and a focus in Microbiology, Anthony started his career as the head of food and environmental microbiology at a testing facility in the Chicago-land area. At this facility he focused on Legionella analysis and standard food testing. After several years at this location an opportunity arose to join the cannabis science community and he has not looked back. Since joining the cannabis testing community, Anthony has continuously innovated and improved methods of analysis. Anthony has also published peer reviewed papers that the cannabis community can use to help their testing processes. In 2021, Anthony was named to the expert review panel in microbiology for AOAC’s Cannabis Analytical Science Panel (C.A.S.P).


Gadomsky Mikhail

Mikhail Gadomski
Principal Chemist
Deibel Laboratories

Mikhail Gadomski has been working with Deibel Bioscience for over 3 years as a Chemist. He is a graduate of the University of California Santa Cruz with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology with focus on Environmental Toxicology. He has an intrinsic passion for plant diversity and herbal efficacy that was enhanced during a 4-month study abroad program in Cusco, Peru. He has worked in the Quality Control setting of Nutraceuticals and Dietary Supplements for over 5 years prior to entering the California Cannabis Compliance Industry in 2018.  During the time worked in the Dietary Supplement industry he developed close relations with the American Herbal Pharmacopeia and apprehended a further understanding and dedication for consumer safety. Since then he has worked to successfully set up a compliant Cannabis testing facility under the regulatory requirements of the Bureau of Cannabis Control California. Deibel Bioscience of California LLC. has recently successfully completed full ISO/IEC 17025:2017 Accreditation.  He is a member of the “Emerald Test” advisory panel, a Proficiency Test/ Inter-laboratory Comparison program for cannabis and cannabis related matrices. Current projects are collaborating with other Deibel Bioscience Labs and lead vendors to optimize methods for inter-laboratory robustness and efficiencies.
Melinda Urich

Melinda Urich
LC Solutions Scientist

Melinda “Mel” Urich is an applications scientist in the Liquid Chromatography Solutions Department. Her primary focus is on the development of novel workflows in the cannabis and food markets. In her previous role at Restek as a Liquid Chromatography Manufacturing Chemist, she led the synthesis of silica, bonding of stationary phases, and process implementations and improvements. Mel attended Juniata College where she earned her BS in Chemistry and performed research in Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM).

Dr. Stephan Altmaier

Dr. Stephan Altmaier
Sr. Manager R&D, APAC Labs
Millipore Sigma Merck

Stephan Altmaier studied Chemistry at the universities of Munich and Hanover, Germany, and graduated on ordered, mesoporous silica in 2003. Since 2006 he is with Merck KGaA and has been working in the HPLC R&D department on various positions and numerous projects. His main expertise lies in liquid chromatography, mass spectrometry as well as in HPLC column and application development. In his current role as a senior manager he is reponsible for several R&D labs in the APAC region and the development of analytical workflows, most recently in the field of cannabis analysis.

Aaron Biros

Aaron Biros
Cannabis Industry Journal

Aaron Biros is the Editor-in-Chief of Cannabis Industry Journal.com (CIJ), an online business-to-business trade journal focused on the legal cannabis industry. Biros started CIJ in 2015 when he officially joined Innovative Publishing full time. Through editorial coverage of the cannabis markets, Biros has developed a familiarity with regulatory compliance, quality and safety issues as they relate to the burgeoning cannabis industry. Biros covers science and technology updates, breaking news, regulations and emerging markets from his office based in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

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