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Congress Passes MORE ActCongress Passes MORE Act

By Aaron G. Biros, Editor

With the House of Representatives voting to pass the Marijuana Opportunity Reinvestment and Expungement Act, the cannabis industry should celebrate this as the first federal legalization bill making its way through Congress. However, the win is largely symbolic as the bill is pretty much dead on arrival in the Senate.


UN FlagUN Removes Cannabis From Schedule IV

By Cannabis Industry Journal Staff

A United Nations commission voted to remove cannabis for medical use from Schedule IV classification, following the WHO recommendation to remove it from the strictest drug classification.



Explosive growth always overwhelms the unprepared.Explosive growth always overwhelms the unprepared.

The cannabis market will continue to experience unprecedented growth and change. You must have the right business solutions to establish and maintain a leadership position. This complimentary report shares the 6 must-haves for evaluating business software. You’ll know what to ask as you prepare your cannabusiness for growth.

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Stephanie Gorecki, Vice President of Product Development at Cresco LabsLeaders in Infused Products Manufacturing: Part 4

By Aaron Green, Iridium Consulting

In this series of articles, Aaron green sits down and interviews a number of industry executives leading infused products and edibles companies. In Part 4, Green sits down with Stephanie Gorecki, Vice President of Product Development at Cresco Labs, to hear about her journey into the cannabis industry from traditional CPG, managing variety at a large cannabis brand and trends she is following in cannabis.

Cannabis Compliance TestingCannabis Compliance Testing:
Safety vs. Quality

By Vanessa Clarke, CBDV & Melody Lin, Ascension Sciences Inc.

In this Q&A, we hear from Dr. Markus Roggen and Tomas Skrinskas as they provide their take on the challenges facing the industry’s compliance testing standards as well as some opportunities in advanced analytical chemistry.

Claudia Post, Most Consulting GroupHow Small Dispensaries Can Stay Competitive
in Today's Market

By Claudia Post, Most Consulting Group

Claudia Post details some tricks smaller retail operations could use to stay relevant and expand their presence. From employee training to product differentiation, there are a number of ways a small dispensary can excel in the cannabis retail space.

Marguerite Arnold, CannaListEUHow Far Away Is Adult Use Cannabis Reform
On The Global Calendar?

By Marguerite Arnold, CannaListEU

With Israel announcing adult use reform for the (probably) third quarter of 2021 and Luxembourg to follow suit shortly thereafter, what does the future look like for reform of the adult use kind globally?

NCIA Publishes Environmental Sustainability RecommendationsNCIA Publishes Environmental Sustainability Recommendations

By Cannabis Industry Journal Staff

The report published by the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA) highlights some current problem areas in the market where practices are less than sustainable and provides some steps for ways the industry can move forward sustainably.

Laura Bianchi & Justin Brandt, Bianchi & BrandtAnalysis of 2020 Ballot Measures

By Laura Bianchi & Justin Brandt, Bianchi & Brandt

November 3 was a historic night for legalization across the country. A decade ago, cannabis was illegal for nonmedical use in all 50 states. Now, five new states have made it onto the legalization map. Read on for an analysis of each state’s ballot initiative.


Edibles Pose Health Risk without Food Safety Test

Rapid Pathogen Testing Mitigates Foodborne Illness

Even with comprehensive cannabis testing, food safety concerns pose a major challenge to edible manufacturers. With no regulatory oversight for cannabis-infused foods, it’s up to manufacturers to prevent pathogen outbreaks. Microbiological testing for hazardous bacteria is the best way to protect against outbreaks.

Stay ahead of the curve with rapid micro testing.


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