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Judge Dismisses Claims in Vaping Illness LawsuitJudge Dismisses Claims in Vaping
Illness Lawsuit

By Aaron G. Biros, Editor

Almost a year ago, a mysterious vaping-related lung illness affected consumers in the 2019 vaping crisis, resulting in thousands of hospitalizations, a number of lawsuits and even 68 fatalities. This week, the first of those lawsuits was dismissed.

PerkinElmer - Qsight 420 LC/MS/MS All California Pesticide Analysis on One Instrument

California Employment Laws, COVID-19 & Cannabis:
How New Regulations Impact Cannabis Businesses

By Conor Dale, Jackson Lewis, P.C.

When can your employees return to work? Can you test your employees? Are you allowed to ask an employee about their illness? In this piece, Conor Dale provides an update on new California rules and summarizes how the changing regulatory landscape in the wake of a pandemic will impact the cannabis industry.

Daniel Blynn, Venable LLPIt’s High Time for the Cannabis Industry to Pay Attention to Contact Compliance

By Daniel Blynn, Venable LLP

From do not call lists to consent rules, there’s a lot of regulatory compliance work to be done for DTC campaigns. Here’s how to avoid paying $500 to $1,500 per text message to consumers.

Kristen Suchanec, VP of Production at IslandLeaders in Extraction & Manufacturing: Part 5

By Aaron Green, Iridium Consulting

In this series of articles, Aaron Green sits down and interviews a number of industry executives leading manufacturing and extraction companies. In Part 5, Green sits down with Kristen Suchanec, VP of Production at Island to hear about how she got involved in the industry and how she sees the future of cannabis as a consumer packaged good.


Bio RadIs Your Cannabis Testing Method Truly Validated?

Current microbial detection methods for cannabis do not conform to globally accepted validation practices. The objective of this report is to provide guidance on improving study designs for future validations. Visit:

Download the application note.

DOJPolitically Motivated Investigations of Legitimate Cannabis Businesses:
One More Reason for Cannabis Operators to
Return to the Black Market?

By Tracy A. Gallegos, Duane Morris

Attorney General William Barr is accused of investigating the MedMen/PharmaCann merger based on his disdain for the cannabis industry. The implications of it could be far-reaching and long lasting.

CBD Watchdog Finds Beverage Labeling InaccuraciesCBD Watchdog Finds Beverage
Labeling Inaccuracies

By Cannabis Industry Journal Staff

Leafreport conducted independent lab testing on 22 different CBD-infused beverages and found a lot of inconsistencies with the actual amount of CBD found in the beverage and what the product’s label claimed.


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