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Cannabis Scientists and Labs Can Help with National COVID-19 Research Volunteer DatabaseCannabis Scientists and Labs
Can Help with National COVID-19
Research Volunteer Database

By Aaron Green, Iridium Consulting

Cannabis scientists have skills that can help during this crisis. Cannabis labs even have instruments that can be used for COVID-19 testing. The National COVID-19 Research Volunteer Database, recently launched by Harvard Postdoc, Michael Wells, is encouraging US-based life sciences scientists to sign-up.

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FDA Says No, CBD Does Not Cure COVID-19FDA Says No, CBD Does Not Cure COVID-19

By Aaron G. Biros, Editor-in-Chief

The FDA sent a warning letter to former NFL player Kyle Turley’s CBD brand for making unsubstantiated health claims that CBD can cure COVID-19. Even after the warning letter, Turley is still on social media claiming CBD can cure COVID-19.

Aaron GreenCannabis Retailers Considered Essential:
Safety Tips for Running Dispensaries During COVID19

By Aaron Green, Iridium Consulting

The impact of COVID-19 on cannabis retail sales in the United States has been mixed with an episode of surge buying followed by lower sales at the end of March. The cannabis industry’s status as an essential business makes a difference. Safety tips for dispensary operators are provided.?

Ellice Ogle, Tandem FoodFollowing Up:
Questions From The Infused Products Virtual Conference Answered

By Ellice Ogle, Tandem Food

Last week, Ellice Ogle delivered a presentation on food safety culture for infused products manufacturers. A lot of questions were asked, but she was only able to answer a few of them. In this piece, Ellice addresses the unanswered questions and provides some advice for fostering a food safety culture in your cannabis facility.


Explosive growth always overwhelms the unprepared.Explosive growth always overwhelms the unprepared.

The cannabis market will continue to experience unprecedented growth and change. You must have the right business solutions to establish and maintain a leadership position. This complimentary report shares the 6 must-haves for evaluating business software. You’ll know what to ask as you prepare your cannabusiness for growth.

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Dr. Markus Roggen & Soheil Nasseri, CBDV(L)Earning from Failure

By Dr. Markus Roggen & Soheil Nasseri, CBDV

Failure, the learning experience and the subsequent rapid innovation can often be a blessing in disguise. See how failure helped Dr. Roggen and Soheil Nasseri turn their research into something productive.

Innovative Publishing Company, Inc. - COVID-19 Resources

David Perkins, Independent ConsultantThe Beginner’s Guide to Integrated Pest Management

By David Perkins, Independent Consultant

From formulating the plan to worker safety, pesticide regulations and REI times – This is the ultimate guide to integrated pest management. Learn how to effectively implement an IPM plan and use the right tools in the right way at the right time.

Patrick Ryder, HUB InternationaleHeightened EPL Exposure Hits Cannabis Businesses When Laying Off Employees

By Patrick Ryder, HUB Internationale

The rush to hire and scale up has caused cannabis businesses to face layoffs, increasing exposure to EPL claims. Reduce your business’ risk with these 4 best practices.

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