PerkinElmer - Solving Residual Solvents and Terpenes

Top 3 Ways Cultivation Methods Must Change with RegulationsTop 3 Ways Cultivation Methods Must Change with Regulations

By David Perkins, Independent Consultant

Adjusting to new rules for growers shouldn’t harm your business. Stay ahead of the curve by adapting and using best practices, new technologies and innovations to your advantage.

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Melissa Diaz, Rebel RockThe Cannabis Business Guide to Picking
an Inventory Management System

By Melissa Diaz, Rebel Rock

Finding the right inventory management system that can handle cannabis products can be time consuming. Use these tips to make your search easier.

Agilent - Cannabis and Hemp Testing Solutions

The European Union’s logo that identifies organic goods.The Growing Influence of Certified Organic
in the European Cannabis Industry

By Marguerite Arnold, MedPayRx

Most people do not really understand what is going on, but the reality is that unless you are organic, pack it up and go home.

Ace Glass - Quality Cannabis begins with Quality Glass

UCT - LipiFiltr Push-Thru Cartridges

THC-A crumble, terpene-rich vape oil, THC sap (from left to right).Cannabis Extracts for the Informed Consumer:
Solvent or Solventless

By Nick J. Bucci, University of California, Santa Cruz

Trying to navigate the recreational market of cannabis concentrates has proven difficult even for experienced consumers. This article will explain the evolution in cannabis extraction technologies, the major methods defining extraction techniques, and give an insider’s perspective of the finest cannabis extracts available today.

Bio-Rad - Cannabis Microbial testing tool, service, and support - All in One Place

Aaron L. Hammer, David S. Ruskin & Nathan E. Delman; HMB LawDank Until Gone Dark:
The State of Corporate Insolvency for Cannabis Businesses

By Aaron L. Hammer, David S. Ruskin & Nathan E. Delman; HMB Law

Legal options for insolvent cannabis businesses is a new challenge. Society is trending in the direction of a more permissive attitude toward cannabis, so it should follow that the legislatures and courts accept this shift and afford distressed cannabis businesses the same opportunities to reorganize or orderly liquidate just like other legal business entities.


Explosive growth always overwhelms the unprepared.Explosive growth always overwhelms the unprepared.

The cannabis market will continue to experience unprecedented growth and change. You must have the right business solutions to establish and maintain a leadership position. This complimentary report shares the 6 must-haves for evaluating business software. You’ll know what to ask as you prepare your cannabusiness for growth.

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U.S. Hemp AuthorityU.S. Hemp Authority Names FoodChain ID
Official Certification Body

By Aaron G. Biros, Editor-in-Chief

FoodChain ID, one of the leading global food safety organizations, is now recognized as the official certification body for the U.S. Hemp Authority certification seals.

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