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Kevin Quirk, CEO of Harvest Connect LLCHarvest Connect Aims to Advance Georgia
Hemp Market

By Aaron G. Biros, Editor-in-Chief

With a mission to support local farmers in the growing hemp industry, Harvest Connect wants to make Georgia a leader in the hemp and CBD market.



Ace GlassAce Glass has your cannabis processing needs covered

Ace Glass Incorporated has been a US manufacturer of quality scientific glassware and a provider of quality lab equipment for over 80 years. Some options specifically for the cannabis industry include short path systems, reactors (for ethanol extraction and recrystallization), filter reactors, rotary evaporators, and extractors. So write us at or call us at 1-800-223-4524.

Just remember Quality Cannabis begins with Quality Glassware


USDAHemp in the United States: An Opinion

By Dr. Anthony Macherone, Agilent

The USDA released guidelines for hemp testing, but questions remain for the future of proper quality and safety guidelines.

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Melissa Diaz, Rebel Rock2020 Financial Trends for the Cannabis Industry

By Melissa Diaz, Rebel Rock

Nevada regulators suspended the license for Certified Ag Labs after investigators accused the lab of pumping up THC numbers. A spokesperson for the lab fired back at regulators, calling the accusations “baseless and appalling.”

Microbiology International - Lab Equipment - Culture Media - Test Kits


Brian Mitchell, Shryne Group, Inc.Is the Green Rush Over?

By Brian Mitchell, Shryne Group, Inc.

The end of the Green Rush means we can now focus on safeguarding cannabis’ future, and not pillaging it for a quick profit.

Root Sciences - Premium Extraction, Distillation, and Post-Processing Technologies

Marguerite Arnold, MedPayRxPortrait Israel
Exports Over Domestic Cannabis A Priority?

By Marguerite Arnold, MedPayRx

The country which kicked off the entire enchilada on the medical efficacy front is now faced with a dilemma as its own regulations change - export cannabis to a world in need for profit or supply all Israeli patients first?

Biomist - Cross-Contamination? No Rinse, No Wipe, No Problem

CalCannabisThe CalCannabis Appellations Project
Is About to Spark a New Chapter in Place-Based Branding

By Amy Steinfeld and Jack Ucciferri, BHFS

Like marketing a Cabernet from the Napa Valley, cannabis companies will soon be able to take advantage of regional cannabis branding. Appellations benefit both cannabis cultivators and consumers. It allows small farmers to capture the value that consumers place on unique and local cannabis products.

The Women In Cannabis survey is Live!

Khiron Life Sciences Corp.Khiron Life Sciences Makes Strategic Moves
In South America

By Marguerite Arnold

The multifaceted company executes on strategic moves in Columbia and Uruguay, making a splash in the South American market.

Bio-Rad - Cannabis Microbial testing tool, service, and support - All in One Place
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