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California Suspends Almost 400 LicensesCalifornia Suspends Almost 400 Licenses

By Cannabis Industry Journal Staff

Due to traceability noncompliance, the Bureau of Cannabis Control suspended roughly 385 business licenses this week. On Wednesday, November 6th, the number of licenses suspended dropped to a total of 385. That’s almost 5% of all the cannabis business licenses in California.

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Multi-Element Analysis Using ICP-MSMulti-Element Analysis Using ICP-MS:
A Look at Heavy Metals Testing

By Cannabis Industry Journal Staff

In this new application note, the Agilent 7800 ICP-MS is found to be suitable for heavy metals testing in hemp and cannabis.

UCT - LipiFiltr Push-Thru Cartridges

Marguerite Arnold, MedPayRxItalian Government Cancels One of Aurora’s Licenses

By Marguerite Arnold, MedPayRx4

Aurora has just faced a rare setback in Europe. The Italian government has cancelled one of three tender cultivation lots to supply Italian patients it granted Aurora this summer (in July).

PerkinElmer - Solving Residual Solvents and Terpenes

Bremen Steps Up Its Cannabis Campaign As Other Groups Lobby For More AccessBremen Steps Up Its Cannabis Campaign As Other Groups Lobby For More Access

By Marguerite Arnold

Across Europe, strains of cannabis reform are growing like weeds, but the anthem is the same everywhere – a struggle for basic access.

Risks of Bare Concrete Flooring in Cannabis Grow Rooms & GreenhousesRisks of Bare Concrete Flooring in Cannabis Grow Rooms & Greenhouses

By Kendall Youngworth, Tennant Coatings

Bare concrete is often a popular choice in cannabis facilities, as there are typically very minimal costs−if any at all−associated with preparing it for use. However, concrete floors can pose unique challenges when left untreated, which could inadvertently create unforeseen problems and unexpected costs.

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Doctors & Researchers Push Medical Efficacy Forward at 10th IACMDoctors & Researchers Push Medical Efficacy Forward at 10th IACM

By Marguerite Arnold

The International Association of Cannabinoid Medicines held a three-day conference on the efficacy of the drug with calls for more activism, formal trials and patient access.

ANAB - Trusted Accreditation for ISO/IEC 17025 Cannabis Testing Labs

A2LANorth Carolina Gets First Accredited Cannabis Lab

By Cannabis Industry Journal Staff

Global Laboratory Services, Inc., achieved their ISO 17025:2017, adding industrial hemp testing to their scope.

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