Agilent - Comprehensive Cannabis Testing Solutions

Bob Clifford, ShimadzuAnalytical Instruments You Need to Start a Cannabis Testing Laboratory

By Bob Clifford, Shimadzu

From using an HPLC for potency testing to an LC-MS/MS for mycotoxin analysis, find out what instruments you need in a lab to get started.


ControlantControlant's real-time supply chain visibility solutions and services

Controlant’s cold chain temperature monitoring and traceability solutions offer fully validated cloud and IoT real-time, end-to-end visibility and risk mitigation. Managed services include: 24/7 global monitoring and response, inventory management, and reverse IoT logistics. Intelligent analytics provide customers and their partners with proactive insights to prevent waste and fuel impactful decision-making. Please visit:

To learn more watch is this 2 minute video.

Michelle Lanter Smith, EPAY SystemsFour Payroll Best Practices for Cannabis Companies

By Michelle Lanter Smith, EPAY Systems

Use payroll software and implement tracking processes to ensure your business succeeds.

Associated Bag - Safety Zipper Bags for Cannabis
Ace Glass - Quality Cannabis begins with Quality Glass

How to Properly Store Plastic Cannabis PackagingHow to Properly Store Plastic
Cannabis Packaging

By Danielle Antos, Drug Plastics & Glass Co., Inc.

Know the different types of plastic packaging and what works best for your products.

PerkinElmer - Solving Residual Solvents and Terpenes

FDACBD Health Claims Spur FDA Warning & Product Seizure Threats

By Greg Boulos, Carlton Fields

Take notes from these lessons in FDA enforcement and refrain from making the same mistakes.

Bio-Rad - Cannabis Microbial testing tool, service, and support - All in One Place
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