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2018 Food Safety Consortium Conference & Expo - November 13-15, 2018 - Chicago, ILEdibles Discussion Comes To Food
Safety Consortium

By Aaron G. Biros, Editor-in-Chief

A panel discussion featuring leading experts in the cannabis infused products market will focus on the edibles supply chain and challenges in producing cannabis products.

2018 Food Safety Consortium Conference & Expo - November 13-15, 2018 - Chicago, IL

Featured Articles

Lindsay Engle, MedicareFAQEast Coast Market Updates

By Lindsay Engle, MedicareFAQ

Lindsay Engle reviews the status quo of cannabis on the East Coast, where a number of states appear to have recreational legalization on the horizon.

Coopers Atkins - Notif Eye Grower's Kit

Marguerite Arnold, MedPayRxFocus on Canopy Growth:
International Pioneer On A Global Mission

By Marguerite Arnold, MedPayRx

Canopy Growth is as close to a global “blue-chip” cannabis stock as they come. But what is the now multi-billion dollar market cap cannabis company about?

Waters - Analytical Testing of Cannbis Symposium - November 13, 2018 - Las Vegas

Quality From Canada

Richard Naiberg, Goodmans LLPProtecting Intellectual Property in Canada:
A Practical Guide, Part 4

By Richard Naiberg, Goodmans LLP

In the 4th part of the series, Naiberg tackles trademarks and how cannabis businesses should go about protecting their brand identity in Canada.

A2LA - Quality in the Cannabis Industry

Infused Products Virtual Conference
October 29, 2018
12:00 Noon - 5:00 PM EDT

Infused Products Virtual Conference

Manufacturers are infusing a wide variety of products with cannabis, creating a market that meets a larger consumer demographic. Hear from experts discussing product safety, standards and manufacturing best practices to learn how this market is growing and how manufacturers can improve their operations.

States have different rules when it comes to product safety, but state regulations shouldn’t be the reason why infused products manufacturers have robust safety and quality standards: consumer safety is. Getting ahead of regulations with proactive safety and quality planning can greatly improve a business’s bottom line. There are a number of ways cannabis companies can learn from the food industry to streamline their businesses and gain a bigger chunk of market share.

This virtual conference consists of 5 back-to-back webinars. Visit the registration link for the full-conference agenda.


View Conference Agenda & Register Today!


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