UCT - Selectra Aqueous C18 U/HPLC Columns

Food Safety: Do You Know What Is In Your Water?Food Safety:
Do You Know What Is In Your Water?

By Radojka Barycki, Nova Compliance

There are many regulations, standards and guidelines for water testing, but here is what you need to know to keep your water safe.

Eagle Protect: Food Safe Gloves
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A2LA - Quality in the Cannabis Industry

Tree of Knowledge Inc. Acquires 5% of NYSK HoldingsTree of Knowledge Inc. Acquires 5%
of NYSK Holdings

By Marguerite Arnold, MedPayRx

Tree of Knowledge, Inc. (CSE: TOKI) has just gone public on the Canadian stock exchange and is aggressively pursuing the European market, including a 5% acquisition of Macedonian producer NSYK Holdings.

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Shimadzu - Cannabis Analyzer for PotencyCannabis Analyzer for Potency

Shimadzu’s turnkey HPLC-based analyzer comes complete with a column, mobile phase, certified standards, methods, batches, and reports. It provides effortless determination of cannabinoid content, allowing operators to produce accurate results with ease, regardless of cannabis testing knowledge or chromatography experience. Learn more.

From The Lab

Lauren Pahnke, Gilson, Inc.Centrifugal Partition Chromatography Paves
the Way for Safer, More Standardized
Cannabidiol Drugs

By Lauren Pahnke, Gilson, Inc.

Lauren Pahnke makes the case for using CPC to isolate and extract CBD in a pharmaceutical setting.

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Canna Air CareThe all-natural preventative against airborne mustiness!

A slow releasing gel that only requires 2-7ppm to be effective against molds, mildews & bacteria. Ingredients are certified organic, currently used in A/C systems in hospitals for reducing airborne bacteria & mold. Tested in commercial cannabis grow in LA by cannabis approved Lab, all tests performed by PhD’s with latest technology. Tested 2 rooms identical but separate air systems over entire cycle. 33.9% more yield & 80% less mold per gram in consumable flower. Unparalleled & unprecedented!

From the Lab

Dr. Edward F. Askew, Askew Scientific Consulting LLCQuality Plans for Lab Services:
Managing Risks as a Grower, Processor or Dispensary, Part 3

By Dr. Edward Askew, Askew Scientific Consulting LLC

In Part 3, Dr. Askew dissects quality control results from labs and how a client could better understand them.

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