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ftqThe UK Steps Up On Medical Cannabis Use

By Marguerite Arnold, MedPayRx

After several years of wrangling, the British appear to be finally moving forward on legitimizing medical use of cannabis.

Shimadzu - Cannabis Analyzer for Potency
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Steven Burton, Icicle Technologies, Inc.Which Safety Standards Work Best for the Cannabis Industry?

By Steven Burton, Icicle Technologies

Steven Burton breaks down which certifications and standards cannabis companies should look at, both domestically and internationally.

PerkinElmer - Implementation-Ready Cannabis Testing
Bio-Rad: Cannabis MicrobialTesting Solutions


Cannabis Cultivation Virtual ConferenceCannabis Micropropagation,
Cost Analysis and Viruses

By Cannabis Industry Journal Staff

We've added the talks from our Cultivation Virtual Conference to CannaFLIX. Check them out here.

In the 6th and final part of the Cannabis Cultivation Virtual Conference, Dr. Hope Jones, CSO of C4 Labs, discusses cannabis tissue culture micropropagation, mitigating risk from viruses and cost analyses.

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GroCureKeep Your Cultivation Facility Cleaner!

Introducing GroCure 10K! An Innovative Approach for Cultivation Facility Atmospheric Care: Whereas excess humidity can be problematic in any cultivation facility, we utilize moisture to our advantage. Our patented technology (micro-reactor) ensures the controlled generation of chlorine dioxide gas upon the ambient moisture in atmosphere. Our low energy alternative removes unwanted odors, cleans surrounding atmosphere, and removes blemishes caused by mold and mildew. Contact: and at 720-324-3963.


Rob Adelson, Resolve Digital HealthCollaborative Health Model to Advance
Cannabis Research

By Rob Adelson, Resolve Digital Health

Adelson makes his case for using patient input and more data to spur product innovation.

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