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The Four Pillars of Cannabis ProcessingThe Four Pillars of Cannabis Processing

By Christian Sweeney, Cannabistry Labs

Christian Sweeney discusses four key aspects of processing cannabis: cultivation, extraction, analytics and biochemistry.

Agilent Technologies - Comprehensive Cannabis Testing.
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Dr. Edward F. Askew, Askew Scientific Consulting LLCQuality Plans for Lab Services:
Managing Risks as a Grower, Processor or Dispensary

By Dr. Edward F. Askew, Askew Scientific Consulting LLC

This series of articles will help businesses better understand the laboratory jargon and their test results.

Shimadzu - Consumables for the Cannabis Laboratory

Marguerite Arnold, MedPayRxGerman Health Insurer Takes First Look
At Impact of Medical Cannabis

By Marguerite Arnold, MedPayRx

One of the largest German public health insurers has released “The Cannabis Report” - a fascinating first look at trends in the country’s cannabis market, plus approval rates and patient demographics.

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Flex Mod SolutionsBest in Class Systems for Your Extraction Business

When you buy an extraction lab solution from FlexLAB you’re buying confidence. The FlexMOD engineering team has evaluated every aspect of every compliance hurdle — in every state cannabis market. You’ll pass inspection in every jurisdiction with FlexLAB’s best-in-class equipment integration. When your unit arrives it’s ready to go — “right out of the box”.


Cannabis Cultivation Virtual ConferenceBreeding Cannabis For Unique
Therapeutic Benefits

By Cannabis Industry Journal Staff

We've added the talks from our Cultivation Virtual Conference to CannaFLIX. Check them out here.

In Part 1 of the Cannabis Cultivation Virtual Conference, Adam Jacques, Co-Founder of Grower’s Guild Gardens, Sproutly, covers topics related to proper breeding procedures, “hunting” particular phenotypes and developing specific cannabinoids and terpenes.

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UCTUCT’s All New Refine™ 96 Well Ultra-Filtration Technology

The use of UCT’s all new Refine™ 96 Well Ultra-Filtration technology allows for filtration to occur prior to sample injection on LC-MS/MS. The novel, hydrophobically treated, dual frit combo mitigates any leakage of the sample/organic solvent through the plate before the application of negative or positive pressure. This ensures adequate filtration not only extending the lifetime of an analytical column, but also eliminating any sample transfer steps.
Complete information can be found here.

2018 Food Safety Consortium Conference & Expo - November 12-16, 2018 - Schaumburg, ILCannabis Track Added to
2018 Food Safety Consortium

By Cannabis Industry Journal Staff

The Food Safety Consortium will address cannabis safety this year, with a focus on quality in edibles manufacturing.

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