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Pennsylvania Medical Cannabis Program Blossoms
Pennsylvania Medical Cannabis
Program Blossoms

By Aaron G. Biros, Editor-in-Chief

Even though the research program might be on hold for now, Pennsylvania’s medical cannabis program is growing at a fast pace. The market there has blossomed in just a few short months to a whopping 37,000-registered patients. Some say an additional 200,000 patients could qualify. With the second phase in sight, it seems Pennsylvania is on track to become a hotbed for business and research, developing into a massive medical cannabis marketplace soon.

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EVIO Labs Expands Ahead of California Testing DeadlineEVIO Labs Expands Ahead of California Testing Deadline

By Aaron G. Biros

In a few short weeks, the regulations in California’s cannabis market will expand to include more laboratory testing. The previous exemption for selling untested product will be eliminated come July 1st, meaning that every product on dispensary shelves will have to be tested for a number of contaminants. With the July 1st testing requirements approaching, EVIO Labs is working to get three new locations in California online.

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Vince Sebald, Sebald ConsultingAutomation – Planning is Everything

By Vince Sebald, Sebald Consulting

There are thousands of possible technology solutions for just about any production problem. The trick to getting results that will work for your company is to use good engineering practices starting from the beginning. Building a User Requirements document is one tool to help make implementation painless. The key is implementing a system that is fit for your intended use.

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