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Ken Snoke, president of Emerald Scientific, delivers the opening remarksEmerald Conference Showcases
Research, Innovation in Cannabis

By Aaron G. Biros, Editor-in-Chief

The 4th annual Emerald Conference brought researchers and scientists from around the world to share their findings in San Diego last week.

UCT's Spin Filter for the all-inclusive analysis of: pesticides, mycotoxins, and potency
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Swetha Kaul, PhD, CannalysisAn Insider’s View:
How Labs Conduct Cannabis Mold Testing

By Swetha Kaul, PhD, Cannalysis

Learn more about how cannabis mold testing is done and how this process varies from state to state.

New on CANNAFlix

Proficiency Testing in the Cannabis Industry: An Inside LookProficiency Testing in the Cannabis Industry: An Inside Look

We've added the presentations from our Cannabis Labs Virtual Conference to CANNAFlix. Check them out here!

In Part 4 of the Cannabis Labs Virtual Conference, Amanda Rigdon, chief technical officer at Emerald Scientific, discusses proficiency testing in the cannabis industry.

Marguerite Arnold, MedPayRxFrance Considers Fining Cannabis Possession

By Marguerite Arnold, MedPayRx

The French government is far behind their European neighbours in economic and social policy when it comes to cannabis.

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LGCLGC’s Certified Reference Material for Cannabis Purity Testing

Download our new cannabis products catalog featuring updated mixes from our Dr. Ehrenstorfer brand certified reference materials for both California regulations and terpenes. Our catalog offers the most complete list of state mandated CRMs for cannabis testing and is updated as regulations change. Our US manufactured products are produced in accordance with the requirements of ISO 17034.

The Grass Isn’t Always Greener: Removal of Purple Pigmentation from CannabisThe Grass Isn’t Always Greener:
Removal of Purple Pigmentation from Cannabis

By Danielle Mackowsky, UCT

Removing both chlorophyll and purple hues in sample prep is possible with the right dSPE blend.

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