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Steven Burton, Icicle TechnologiesTop 4 Food Safety Hazards
for the Cannabis Industry

By Steven Burton, Icicle Technologies

Cannabis should be treated like any other food product when it comes to food safety.

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The First Accredited Cannabis Lab in Florida

By Lauren Masko, PJLA

The laboratory received their ISO 17025 accreditation from Perry Johnson Laboratory Accreditation, Inc.


Laura A. Bianchi, Rose Law GroupJeff Sessions’ Latest Moves Should be a Wake-Up Call for the Cannabis Industry

By Laura A. Bianchi, Rose Law Group

The rescinding of the Cole memo does not suggest the sky is about to fall for the U.S. cannabis industry, but it should be a wake-up call for those who have been playing fast and loose with their business operations.

PerkinElmer - The Largest Support Network for Identifying Nutritional and Toxic Elements in Cannabis Analysis

Dr. Susan Audino, Scientific Advisory Board Member, CloudLIMSManaging Cannabis Testing Lab Workflows using LIMS

By Dr. Susan Audino, Scientific Advisory Board Member, CloudLIMS

Using cloud-based LIMS, labs can reduce manual workloads and focus on productive lab operations.

RJ PalermoRJ Palermo Joins Innovative Publishing Company Team

By Cannabis Industry Journal Staff

The addition will further expand IPC’s event capabilities.

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UCTUCT’s Chlorofiltr®: For the Removal of Pigmentation from Cannabis

Chlorophyll is one of the most challenging matrix co-extractives due to its non-volatile characteristics. While several products have been developed to minimize its analytical effects, few, if any, have also been successful in the removal of other pigments from various colored cannabis strains. UCT’s novel sorbent, ChloroFiltr®, effectively removes chlorophyll in addition to other commonly-encountered hues from cannabis extracts without compromising the recovery of planar pesticides. Learn more about it here.

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Setting Up A Cannabis Lab: Common Pitfalls & Learning ExperiencesSetting Up A Cannabis Lab:
Common Pitfalls & Learning Experiences

We've added the presentations from our Cannabis Labs Virtual Conference to CANNAFlix. Check them out here!

In the first part of the Cannabis Labs Virtual Conference, Dr. Jeff Angermann, scientific director at 374 Labs, discusses setting up a cannabis lab and some of the common pitfalls & learning experiences.

Marguerite Arnold, MedPayRxMGC Pharma Makes Its Slovenian
Moves More Final

By Marguerite Arnold, MedPayRx

The move to brand a targeted cannabinoid treatment for refractory epilepsy is a unique development in an EU market focused on generics.

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LGCLGC’s Certified Reference Material for Cannabis Purity Testing

Download our new cannabis products catalog featuring updated mixes from our Dr. Ehrenstorfer brand certified reference materials for both California regulations and terpenes. Our catalog offers the most complete list of state mandated CRMs for cannabis testing and is updated as regulations change. Our US manufactured products are produced in accordance with the requirements of ISO 17034.

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