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California Department of Public HealthCalifornia Manufacturing Regulations:
What You Need To Know

By Aaron G. Biros, Editor-in-Chief

The CDPH released the proposed emergency regulations for cannabis manufacturing; take a look at the highlights here.

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RJ StarrMedical Cannabis & The Vernacular Of Maturity

By RJ Starr, Bloom Medicinals, Midwest Compassion Center

Professionals in the cannabis industry may want to consider omitting slang from their vocabulary.

New Jersey’s Governor-elect Phil Murphy Photo: Phil Murphy, FlickrIs New Jersey The Next State To Legalize

Adult Use Cannabis?

By Aaron G. Biros

The new governor-elect, Democrat Phil Murphy, campaigned on legalizing cannabis and the legislature seems excited to get started.

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RestekNew THCV Standard for Medical Cannabis Testing

Analyze medical cannabis samples more easily and accurately with Restek’s new tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV) standard. This new certified reference material is DEA-exempted and reduces the time, expense, and variability associated with preparing standards directly from neat material. Verified in composition and stability, Restek’s THCV standard is manufactured and QC-tested in ISO-accredited labs to ensure quality and satisfy ISO requirements.

Get details at

RJ StarrDesigning Your Continuing Cannabis
Education Program

By RJ Starr

Building a training program for your cannabis business should reflect your organization’s values and needs.

Next Frontier Biosciences launched a nasal mistNew Drug Delivery Mechanisms
For Cannabis Products

By Aaron G. Biros

Next Frontier Biosciences launched a nasal spray, which they claim to be more efficient and fast acting than traditional cannabis administration methods.

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RotronicAn Easy Way to Measure Moisture Content

Learn how to make a quick and easy measurement for moisture content in cannabis. Water activity is easily correlated to moisture content. This white paper explains the theory, measurement, instruments, and more.

Download the white paper.

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