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Wildfires Devastating Californian Cannabis Farms
Wildfires Devastating Californian
Cannabis Farms

By Aaron G. Biros, Editor-in-Chief

To help victims and their families, click on one of the links at the bottom of the article and donate. The wildfires ripping through the Northern part of the state have impacted a growing number of families and their businesses. Over 170,000 acres have burned since Sunday. To make matters worse, the fires came during peak harvest time, while growers are cutting plants and preparing their entire crops for distribution and sale.

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Colorado To Begin Requiring Potency Testing For Medical Infused ProductsColorado To Begin Requiring Potency Testing For Medical Infused Products

By Aaron G. Biros

Potency and homogeneity testing for medical concentrates and infused products will be required November 1st.

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California Bureau of Cannabis ControlCalifornia Regulators Launch Website
and Rebranding Efforts

By Aaron G. Biros

The state is taking a more public and educational approach to their outreach efforts.

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QuoteOur farmers are resilient, but right now we are all focused on safety and vigilanceQuote

Amanda Reiman, VP of community relations at Flow Kana

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